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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Governor, that suits looks terrific on you....

Since I am a Massachusetts Liberal, it's only right that I take a few moments to look at the consistency of our fine governor Willard "Mitt" Romney. The man wears a great suit. Too bad there's nothing else there.

Mitt is following in the fine tradition of Massachusetts leaders who fancy themselves as presidential timber. Forget the fact he's been on the job for a bit more than two years and has accomplished virtually zippo.

Being schooled in the no tax and spend GOP tradtiion, Mitt comes out with a major capital spending bill the same day the Massachusetts Senate agrees to a GOP-sponsored bill that would slowly roll the income tax back to 5 percent after spending is returned to the levels before the Bush recession caused massive cuts. That inconsistency is somewhat excusable -- no one told him! (Of course, why the Republican senators who wrote the bill didn't tell him is a good question!)

But this is not good enough for the Mittser. No, rollback those taxes immediately, says his flak. Let's not bother with fiscal responsibility, I've got the White House to run for and I need to follow in the image of our leader, G.W. Bush, who magically turned a surplus into a yawning deficit.

Mitt, good luck on the trail. Rick Santorum also looks good in a suit.

Oh, and Ben, come home. All is forgiven http://romneyisafraud.blogspot.com/


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