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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lovely pair of flip-flops, governor

Liberals are unprincipled politicians who change positions to suit the electorate they are wooing. That's the Republican definition, at least and was on bold display last year when Gov. Mitt Romney took to the campaign trail to savage John Kerry during his presidential campaign.

Conservatives are committed and consistent, who act not out of political motive but as defenders of their positions. Uh, Mitt...

Romney's all but formal announcement that he plans to skip re-election and run for the White House came in the form of his decision to veto an emergency contraception bill, announcing that it would be inconsistent with his 2002 campaign pledge not to change the status of reproductive rights in Massachusetts because the medication amounts to an abortion.

Romney did not bother to mention that he promised his support for the legislation in 2002. Oops, one broken campaign promise in his pursuit of the Rick Santorum voter.

The intellectual dishonesty of the Romney pre-presidential is staggering. Bashing Massachusetts at every turn, hitting just about every position on abortion rights from right to left, and generally showing a lack of knowledge about basic, everyday facts of life like transit fares.

To be fair, the signs have always been there to anyone who wanted to see them: he said he wasn't going to challenge Jane Swift. He said we was neutral in the lieutenant governor contest. He said he is committed to Massachusetts, even while he was paying primary residence property taxes in Utah.

Mitt, do the honorable thing: resign now so that you can pursue your ambitions openly and honestly. And make sure that your crackerjack operations staff, the one that didn't know the price of a subway token, doesn't have you come within a few miles of a shoe store. You might just want to stop and try on the flip-flops.


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