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Sunday, August 07, 2005

"I support the troops ... I just don't support the policy"

Slowly but surely, too slowly for the men and women in uniform carrying the flag in Iraq, the tide is turning against Bush's War.

Two stories today suggest the administration that had no plan for "the peace" is starting to lose the hearts and minds of what Richard Nixon called the "silent majority." The New York Times chronicles the heartbreak in Ohio caused with the loss of nearly two dozen Marine reservists in the past few months. The Boston Globe takes a look at the financial hardships foisted on self-employed reservists who are filing for bankruptcy because government promises of help for their needs are suspended in committee.

Most poignant are the words of a grandmother of one Ohio reservists (words that prompted her granddaughter to walk out of the room): "I support the troops ... I just don't support the policies."

The Armies of the Right will howl the stories are in two bastions of the evil liberal media and that John Kerry, a sponsor the bill languishing in committee, is just a sniveling coward. The words of those interviewed -- people in key states like Ohio and Michigan which can't be accused of being Lefty Loony Bins -- would suggest otherwise.

The Bush administration has long had no use for those who complained about their horrible lack of planning for what followed "Mission Accomplished." As a result, the people who supported them in good faith, are now being carry the burden. The short list: the lack of sufficient troop levels; the refusal to augment those troops by any means other than extending and re-extending tours; failing to give those soldiers the armament and protection they need.

Without the benefit of lefties marching in the streets (or perhaps because there are no long-haired hippie scum for Rummy and the boys to blame) the folks in the heartland are realizing that Bush's folly has left us no safer -- while exposing their sons and daughters to the horrors of a war that long ago forgot about its original rationale. And speaking of which, what is happening in Afghanistan? And where is Osama hiding these days?


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