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Saturday, August 27, 2005

It depends on the meaning of... (Part 2)

Tanned, rested and ready. Well maybe ready...

It's really fascinating to match conservatives struggle with the language and the meaning of common words. It's also fascinating to hear the silence when the outrageous words emanate from the Right.

Let's take for example the word "assassinate." Pat Robertson, that ol' hurricane chaser claims he really didn't say WE should pop the duly elected president of Venezuela. No, it was just that evil liberal media putting words in his mouth. Or maybe it wasn't. Anyway Rummy says we don't do that sort of thing so it's moot as far as the boys on the Right are concerned. Never mind.

Then there's Mittsy, the truly clueless empty suit posing as governor of the Commonwealth. I guess he'll need a new name today after popping off on Hardball. Landslide. Yeah, that's the ticket. So what if Deval Patrick is almost beating him right now.

If Burger King doesn't object (and they probably would) I'd suggest a new name for our beloved gov -- Whopper.

And am I wrong, but if Bill Clinton or John Kerry had spoken these kind of idiocies, would they not have been eviscerated by the Swift Boaties of the world. Must be because it's the dog days of summer.


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