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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Blame Game, again

Brownie, you did a heckuva job.

In the finest tradition of Bush administration self-righteous finger pointing, former Arabian Horse mogul and erstwhile FEMA director Michael Brown told Congress that Governor Blanco, Mayor Nagin and Tippie the Wonder Horse were responsible for the post-disaster disaster in New Orleans.

Showing a remarkable handle on the responsibilities of his job (he's still getting paid by taxpayers to "consult" after all) Brown declared "it was not the role of the federal government" to evacuate citizens in harm's way.

While there's no denying that Blanco and Nagin were lax (to be charitable) in not bringing in buses to evacuate folks, the utter obtuseness of the emergency management director is stunning. What are people suppose to do in an emergency? Drown? Huddle together en masse in sweltering shelters without food, water and sanitation?

Oh yeah, they did.

What must Scott McLellan be thinking now?


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