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Monday, September 12, 2005

Frankly, you just don't get it

Cathy Young's lament in today's Boston Globe is one of the finest example of the conservative screed around today: create a red herring, ignore the reality and forget history.

About the only thing that Young gets right is that Hurricane Katrina may probably be the worst natural disaster to befall the United States. But not everything would be just fine if those nasty liberal Bush haters just shut up and let him do his job.

The red herring: "Sadly, while people in this country and around the world have shown an admirable generosity toward the victims, this tragedy has also turned into one of the most sickening political spectacles in recent memory."

What does the generosity of the world -- and the American public -- have to do with sickening political spectacles. Create a false comparison, knock it down and claim you are right. Saddam is a bad man (true) who was behind 911 (false) so we did the right thing ousting him and his weapons of mass destruction (puhleeze).

Ignoring reality: While George has kept his record intact of never holding anyone accountable for their mistakes, "Brownie" had a flash of common sense and resigned after he had been reassigned and replaced by someone with some experience in dealing with emergencies. The critics of FEMA's response have come from both left and right. Bill Frist, for gosh sakes, has called for an investigation (not that he means it!)

Forgetting history: Republicans never second guessed Bill Clinton nor did they ever attack him. Only liberal Bush haters are that petty. What was that line about never critiquing a president when we have troops overseas?

Of course she singles out Michael Moore, for whom I have no great love. But I think Fahrenheit 911 was a well-documented eye opener. And of course she attacks Paul Krugman, that effete New York Times liberal economist. A man with well documents is very dangerous.

That's a GOP tactic going back to the McCarthy days -- perfected to a fare the well by Bill Safire and Pat Buchanan when they were government hacks, er, employees and not columnists.

Same old tired, worn out thin gruel arguments. It's time to hold the Radical Right accountable for their lies and distortions.


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