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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let them eat petit-fours

Ah those compassionate conservatives...

George Bush rules out a tax increase
to pay for the extraordinary rebuilding required in the Gulf States. "But I'm confident we can handle it and I'm confident we can handle our other priorities," President Pinocchio tells reporters in a joint availability with Russian President Vladimir "I've seen in his soul" Putin.

Bush says the tax cuts will go forward and he doesn't identify where the necessary cuts will come from. Safe to say it won't be Iraq. Which basically leaves just one place: domestic programs of the type already slashed to the bone that contributed to the grinding, Third World poverty we saw on the streets of New Orleans.

And of course, let's recognize that the Iraq rebuilding effort is one of many big ticket items that our fiscally conservative leaders have taken off budget to avoid swelling the deficit even more than it is. Out of sight, out of mind. Sort of like poverty in the United States.

Now that that pesky Brownie got on his horse and rode away (notice George still hasn't fired one incompetent) the compassionate folks at FEMA is able to handle everything right? Uh, er, um...

Meanwhile, on the homefront, President Romney, apparently unable to see inside mosques from his 59th floor perch at the Hancock Building, is also unable to see closer to home. Yes Mitt, you did a good thing organizing an effort to house evacuees at Otis. But when the number of guests failed to match the outpouring of generosity, what happens?

A very sensible proposal from a group of Massachusetts rabbis to redirect aid to our own homeless is shot down by saying ''we can't redirect what isn't ours. That would have to be made by the charitable organizations." If it is Massachusetts volunteers and Massachusetts dollars for a Massachusetts-based enterprise, whose dollars and volunteers are they?


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