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Monday, September 05, 2005

See, he can be decisive when he wants to be

Aid to Louisiana: five days. Roberts to replace Rehnquist: one day. Bush sense of priorities: priceless.

Odds are the decision to elevate John Roberts to Chief Justice was made a long time ago, probably back at the time his name was put forward in the first place. The decision to make the announcement within 36 hours of William Rehnquist's death probably passes as a suitable mourning period in the Oval Office.

The besieged White House figures it will now have some time to recoup and regroup after the Katrina Fiasco before putting forward another name. Will they roll the dice and go for a controversial nominee while their numbers are in the basement? Probably. But first and foremost, time for some strategizing by Bush's Brain.

But not too much time. After all Patrick Fitzgerald is still out there with nasty questions about who outed Valerie Plame and he George can use all the help he can on the Supreme Court to keep Karl on the job.


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