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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bully boy

One thing you always knew about bullies when you were growing up: they are loud, obnoxious and have a tendency to slink away when someone finally shows they are not afraid. I bet Termite Tommy DeLay swiped a lot of milk money when he was a kid, because his picture should go into the dictionary next to the word bully.

The test is coming soon because Ronnie Earle, the Austin prosecutor, showed he is not about to back down in the face of Congressman Bluster.

The funniest part of this show is watching the Theocons adopt the role of Clintonites. Earle is a biased prosecutor with a political agenda. The charges are a fraud and attack from the vast left-wing media conspiracy.

Couple of points: Earle is a political renegade, far from the political ideologue that is Ken Starr. And the vast left-wing conspiracy? That of course is a fiction of whole cloth that Theocons have been manufacturing for years. A conspiracy requires some sort of unified thinking and course of action. Does that sound like the Left?

Tommy, we know you don't have the decency to sit down, shut up and try to do the American thing, which is prove your case in a court of law and not in the court of public opinion. It will be lots of fun to watch you slink away with your tail tucked 'tween your legs.


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