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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Religion, Inc.

The unraveling of the Bush Administration should now make very clear what was hidden (not all that well, frankly) behind the facade of Karl and Co. The Democratic Party is a distant second to the Grand Ol' Panderers in terms of allegiances to special interests. And the no special interest holds the GOP in thrall more than that far-right pressure group, the Theocons.

And the questionable morality of the Religious Right has never been more thoroughly exposed. This is a nation fighting a war predicated on a lie (and whose leaders lied to perpetuate that lie). We are a nation where the rift between rich and poor was washed into the open by floodwaters in New Orleans. We are a nation where health care costs are soaring and its elected officials seek to balance the budget by cutting food stamps and health care benefits for the very people washed out of their homes.

But what has the Theocons in high dundgeon? What are the so-called arbiters of our morality irked about? That Harriet Miers, a crony appointment by a phony moralist was not willing to openly pledge fealty to their narrow causes on the Theocon altar.

The moral leadership exemplified by James Dobson and Pat Robertson and their ilk has said not one word about the carnage in Iraq (a war Islam certainly sees as a religious one). They have been silent about the lies upon which our leaders based this crusade and the are silent still about the lies used to hide the fact that the amoral Bush administration would risk the life of a CIA agent to win its political fight.

They have been silent about the squalor and suffering exposed by Katrina -- the stark reality of Two Americas that John Edwards spoke about last year to the mocking derision of our moral leaders. They have been silent when Congress opted to save fat cat tax cuts by cutting living wages and food stamps and health care for the poor left homeless by a storm whose force was magnified by government incompetence -- both in building effective levees, then failing to respond to the threat widely broadcast over every public airwave.

They have been silent when one of their own -- Tom "The Exterminator" DeLay was indicted for soliciting corporate contributions to rig elections. They are silent still as Scooter is indicted for lying to coverup the fact his boss, Darth Cheney, sought to out an undercover operative to gain revenge for her husband's audacity in saying the emperor had no clothes.

But they are loud and clear that they must have a Supreme Court justice who will do their narrow "moral" bidding that says government should get out of the boardroom and into the bedroom. Unless W names a justice who will undermine personal liberties favored by a majority of he country, they will bring their wrath (and the wrath of God) down on him.

This narrow special interest group has controlled the nation's agenda far more than any labor cabal that supposedly holds the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party. It's time to expose them for what they are, narrow-minded, vindictive, hate-filled zealots who will not allow anyone or anything to stand in their way of created the Theocratic States of America, a fundamentalist state as rigid and dictatorial as those we are supposedly fighting to oppose in the rest of the world.


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