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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Truly scary stuff

Kudos to Brian MacQuarrie for a chilling profile of James Dobson, the head of Focus on the Family and one of the leading ayatollahs of the Theocons trying to destroy this country with the harsh rhetoric and intolerance for anyone who does not share their narrow views.

Here's the nut graf or, in this case, nut quote:

''There is no question that the beliefs of conservative Christians are under attack," Dobson told the Globe. ''Any conviction founded on religious faith is vilified; any stand on absolute truth is denigrated as old-fashioned at best, or reminiscent of the Taliban at worst; any view out of lockstep with the left's agenda is met with anything but tolerance and acceptance."

We can sidestep his assertion that abortion is the biggest Holocaust perpetrated by humankind. It's a crock that one expects from intolerant fundamentalists and does not deserve the dignity of a response.

What's more troubling is his ability to stand truth on its head. It is the conservative Theocons who are on the attack, denigrated and demeaning anyone and anything who do not agree with them. Religious faith is used to vilify anyone who does not march in lockstep with their narrow world view. Anyone who does not pledge fealty to the infallibility of the Theocon agenda is met with intolerance and contempt.

And our course there is the Taliban reference. Dr. Dobson should be a more astute observer. The Taliban are absolutist religious zealots determined to take us back to the Stone Age where women are treated with disdain, culture is dictated by the self-appointed religious ayatollahs. Sound familiar?

But hey, unlike the Taliban and Osama, he is getting rich by shearing the sheep who follow him.


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