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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What were they smoking?

Back after a short hiatus and some quick catching up...
  • David Tuerck of the Beacon Hill Institute is the last supply sider standing. Now we know why: he believes in fantasies. And liberals are obviously responsible for the rain, the Red Sox losing and bad movies.
  • Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty, D-Chelsea. Gutting a drunken driving bill, then heading to Europe during the last three weeks of a legislative session already being criticized for featuring a listless House that likes to party too much.
  • Sean Healey. You expect us to believe Pride's Crossing is a blighted neighborhood. Decadent, maybe.
  • I. Lewis Libby. Never trust a grown man named Scooter.
  • Judy Miller. If you want a classic example of everything that is wrong with journalism today, look no further. Firing is too good.
  • Any Republican who tellks you lying to a grand jury is a technical violation not worth wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars over. I can give you 72 million reasons why, to put it delicately, they are wrong.


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