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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another compassionate conservative

This story says it all about the way Theocons rate compassion versus conservative "principles."

The Archbishop of Boston cancels his attendance at his own fund-raising dinner to object to the fact diners are to honor Mayor Thomas Menino, a supporter of a woman's right to choose and equality of marriage.

The leader of the diocese which will live in infamy for putting the rights of pedophiles over children is taking a "moral" stand at the expense of efforts to raise funds for its charitable goals. Let's not forget that this is a diocese that has ripped apart large sections of its own fabric to close churches and sell them off to pay the legal obligations left in the wake of its last politically minded "leader" Bernie "Above The" Law.

It really does look as if the Massachusetts Legislature should get cracking on a proposal that would put churches in the same category as every other charitable organization in the Commonwealth that is required to list its financial assets and liabilities.

Come to think of it, the archbishop's blatant political posturing seems like a great reason to classify these organizations as businesses, subject to taxation.


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