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Friday, November 11, 2005

Some always call it treason

Bullies like to name call when they are caught off guard or in a lie. For the Bush administration, that name stops just short of "treason."

Bully Boy was at it again today, twisting the truth for his purposes. Yes, a thousand times, yes, there were Democrats who believed that Saddam had WMD and they voted for the Iraq war resolution (principal motivation for the vote being cowardice over the prospect of facing the Bush attack machine.)

But Democrats did not rush to go to war before all the facts were in; they did not insult UN inspectors who were looking to to do their job and ultimately proved all the so-called intelligence wrong; they did not insinuate the waiting for the facts to come in was wimpy and treasonous, invoking images of mushroom clouds; they did not claim Saddam and Osama were a team ready to attack the US.

Oh and they did miss the memo about 9-11.


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