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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trimming the weeds

GOP talking points are sprouting like weeds these days on right wing sites, the left wing counterparts and in mainstream media (subscription required. Hard to find but my eyeballs caught Lou Dobbs parroting the line one night last week). All delivering the same message: Clinton and Gore "lied" about WMD too.

Yep, classic smear job. Take something that has an element of truth and blow it out of context. Logic and common sense said Saddam Hussein had them -- he gassed the Kurds after all. I believed it likely to be true too.

Big difference though, which the righties ignore. Bill Clinton did not construct an elaborate game plan around that unproven statement to take us to war, nor did he rush, cajole or demean the inspectors trying to get at the truth.

His unseemly haste to rush into war before it could be proven true or false, in hindsight, can be taken as proof (if I were a rightie bent on winning points, no matter what) that he knew there were no weapons. Somersby deconstructs this talking points blitz much better than I can here.

I guess now that they've linked Bill and Al to this one, the GOP can move on to the next Bush-Cheney lie -- Clinton said Saddam and Osama worked hand in glove to plan 9-11.

After that, who know where the dynamic duo will go to show their solidarity with the Clinton White House. Blue dresses? Cigars?

Congratulations to the voters of New Jersey -- and especially Virginia -- for their Howard Beale imitations.


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