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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Adios, au revoir, auf weidersehn

True to form, Mitt Romney announced the worst-kept secret in Massachusetts politics: he's bored and wants to play on the national stage. True to form, Mitt made claims that just don't stand up.

The Empty Suit says he's accomplished just about everything he set out to do: Balancing three budgets without new taxes, capital gains tax reform and improving math scores. Funny, I thought the Legislature had something to do with the first two (which also included spreading pain to cities and towns and fixing a giant mistake.) Of course all pols take credit for everything that happens on their watch.

But Our Fraud Governor did actually speak some truth:
'There was very little that had to spill into a second term that we had any prospects of ever getting done. . . . The vision that I ran for and that I promised to the people of Massachusetts I've delivered to the extent that I possibly can."
By running against the Legislature and, eventually, the people of Massachusetts themselves, Romney guaranteed he would be even more ineffectual. Bill Weld quickly learned he needed to work with legislators to get things done -- and he did. Paul Cellucci and Jane Swift were members of the Legislature and understood its importance to accomplishing things.

Mitt, the ultimate CEO, thought he could delegate and command. Government does not work that way (nor should it).

So now what of his promise for health care reform and auto insurance reform? Were they less important than his stance on gay marriage, the death penalty and restrictions on stem cell research? Or were they planks for the national campaign he claims he has not decided upon.

They report and you decide.


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