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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Do as I say...

The military's acknowledgment that it is buying news in Iraq is hardly surprising.

After all, the Bush administration has done it repeatedly at home with such standout episodes at "Karen Ryan reporting" on the Medicare and Armstrong Williams feeding at the public trough to shill for the Department of Education. And let's not forgot the ringer in the press room, Jeff Gannon or whatever his real name is at the ready when Scott McClennan needed a break from the less-than-intense questions of the pressroom regulars.

But when you put together this affront to American values with torture at Abu Ghraib, the secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe, the fast-and-loose dealing with American terror suspects and the Patriot Act, you are left with the obvious question: just who has won the war on terror?

By shredding all the constitutional principles we have held dear for more than 200 years, I'd say we're losing that war.


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