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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fools on the Hill

Perhaps it's no surprise that the Bush administration thinks it can steamroll Congress and the American people into thinking it's OK for them to break the law. After all, this spineless Congress has a similar goal -- ram through special interest legislation by any means necessary.

What exactly drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the bird flu and cutting Medicaid and student loan assistance have to do with the war in Iraq is hard to fathom at first glance. But lo and behold, our fearless congressional "leaders" have linked them in a cynical display of pork barrel politics.

Tying together two pieces of legislation to achieve their ends -- including attaching ANWR and avian flu spending to the defense bill -- the House voted in the dead of night to place the interest of oil companies ahead of the poor. Profile in Courage? Or Gutless Wonders?

Let's not forget that one of the architects of this scam, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, is also the man behind the multi-million dollar "bridge to nowhere" in his home state.

There appears to be a few Senate Republicans willing to stand up against this outrage. Let's hope so -- even if that means that they will probably became the subject of warrantless spying by their potential opponents in the next election.


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