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Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy holidays (if you are religious)

This is has festered for bit ...

The sheer idiocy and venality of the Bush Christmas card protest is mind-boggling. Our Theocon Ayatollahs are really going off the deep end in their obnoxious effort to put Christ back in Christmas.

This Bush League protest come on the heel of a tempest in a teapot set off by Jerry Falwell's ludicrous threat to sue the city of Boston if it insisted on lighting a holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree. (Way to show that backbone Tommy.)

Hey guys, you really need to cut down on the rum in the egg nog.

I guess there are not enough controversies in this country -- and certainly not enough catering to the religious fundamentalists who are threatening basic human values by the insistence on imposing their values and beliefs upon all Americans (something in direct contradiction of the values and philosophy of the Constitution and its promise of religious freedom.)

Let's review here. The holiday season -- which encompasses Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too -- has become the largest retailing opportunity of the year. Who is to blame? Blame the secular humanists or the "merchant class" (you know the people targeted by Henry Ford and everyone else looking for a scapegoat when things don't go the way they planned and in whose faith I was raised).

But the fact is that despite strong religious undertones (that are still honored in creche scenes around the country, including Boston) the season has tried to bring "tidings of comfort and joy" to all.

Now the Theocons are trying to reduce who receives those tidings by imposing their small minded world view on the masses. The standing joke is there is no "fun" in fundamentalism.

Talk about being Grinches. So Jerry and Denny and the Wildmon family of Tupelo, Mississippi, get a life, lighten up and don't try to impose your "moral values" on me. Rather, heed to advice of former congressman Bob Edgar, now the general secretary of the National Council of Churches.

"I think it's more important to put Christ back into our war planning than into our Christmas cards."
Happy Holidays!

Post script: I'm not sure what you can really say about the commitment of the Ayatollahs. If the day is so darn important, why are they taking it off? Instead of the DVD, how about a Yule Log tape?


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