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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Monkey business

The debate over evolution comes down to two simple things: money and power. And as usual, Theocons and their compassionate conservative minions want something for nothing.

The latest battle in the cultural wars, chronicled by the Washington Post in suburban Georgia, is a repeat on a sorry old theme: the belief that government is bad, except when it pays for something I want.

When my parents wanted to me learn about my religious roots and the bible, they sent me to an after-school religious school, which they paid for as part of their temple dues. They did not demand the public schools teach those topics.

When my parents did not want me to watch something on TV or listen to something on the radio, they did not not ask the government to intervene and ban the record or the program. They turned the set off.

But to the Theocons, who are firm believers in the "get the government off my back" philosophy when it comes to taxes to pay for schools and public safety, don't see it that way. Their perception of religious freedom is the ability to impose their narrow world view on everyone else.

Whether the topic is abortion, gay rights, dissonant cultural themes in music or movies -- and now the origins of life -- the Ayatollahs of the Theocratic States of America believe they serve the same function as the religious police in Saudi Arabia. Their job is to defend this culture against the heathens and non-believers who would stain their views.

Some, like the "pro-life" zealots" who kills physicians to protest abortion, behave just like their Saudi counterparts. Others, like Pat Robertson, leave the suggestion for others with more "courage."

The current "debate" over evolution versus intelligent design is but the latest round of a cultural war led by people out to destroy the current way of life under a Constitution that protects everyone's point of view and opinion.

Their goal is nothing less than those of Osama bin Laden's followers, to impose their own version of the Sharia law on the faithful and condemn the rest of us to living with the terror of a knock on the door from the religious police to tell us we are wrong.

And by the way, intelligent design fans, if the Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennesee was not enough to convince you, here's something to suggest just how wrong you are.


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