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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh, it's spying time again

Good morning, fed. Hope you don't what I'm about to write personally.

It's becoming quite clear the truth-challenged Bush administration believes that putting the Constitution in the shredder is justifiable collateral damage in its messianic crusade to save the world. Truth is another one of those collateral damage items, but it's been in short supply anyway.

While far from a technology genius, I assumed that the use of the NSA to tap into the domestic conversations of alleged terrorists was hardly a surgical strike. Vacuum cleaner would be more like it. Now comes additional proof that the Hoovers were out in force (ouch, bad pun) as the NSA engaged in data mining, spying on many thousands of millions of Americans in the pursuits. J. Edgar would have been proud. He didn't believe in surgical strikes either.

It's also interesting to note that one one of the principals in the room for the deal to allow stepped up activities to find and bring to justice the terrorists who attacked our country says he never agreed to the overly broad powers the Bushies claim they got from Congress.

No matter what Tom Daschle says though, because he and everyone else involved in the decisions would get a sweeping grant of immunity from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Bush apologists continue to scoff at the increasing use of the "I-word." Why, they huff, even Bill Clinton did it." So let's see, Clinton is OK when it comes to justify illegal spying but his lying was far different than George Bush's multiple fibs. (And why does this spellchecker offer FBI as an alternative to 'fib'?)

OK, let's review. Clinton lied under oath in what may have been the only forced case of suspending 5th Amendment rights in US history. No one died.

George Bush has lied in virtually every public forum and has flouted other Americans rights from free expression and illegal search and seizure, even bypassing what in effect is a rubber stamp court. The returns are just beginning to come in (ouch, another one) on what other illegalities have been committed by and in the name of George W. Bush. Thousands have died.

Gotta love that consistency.


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