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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Operation BS underway

The latest tactic in the battle to win the hearts of minds of skeptical Americans was unveiled yesterday by the Bush administration. Call it the Signs Offensive. If we can't convince the insurgents to lay down their weapons with our guns, we'll do it with our words, then we will leave.

The campaign juggernaut that rolled over John Kerry by repeated confident assertions (not necessarily all true) showed they have not lost the chutzpah. A 35-page document, dozens of signs that blare the word "plan" and a friendly setting in a military environment. Classic campaign tactic. Same campaign sincerity.

But what exactly is the plan?
  • Build up the capability of Iraqi troops. Not necessarily a smashing success to date;
  • Bring democracy to Iraq. Some positive signs but millennia of history suggest it may be a fool's mission. Only time will tell if that one works;
  • Restore economic prosperity and rebuild Iraq. So tax cuts all around and forget about New Orleans.
Apparently not part of the "official" plan is this piece of media manipulation. After all it works so well over here. Welcome to the Fox News Channel.

And of course, no Bush speech would be complete without the same vicious red herring rhetoric about not cutting and running because we support our troops. This administration can't seem to help itself in accusing its opponents of being treasonous enemies of the state. I support the troops (who are there by choice) and the best way to support them is to get them home safely.

And frankly, that doesn't means pulling out tomorrow. An orderly timetable (some would call it that a plan) to turn the civil war we created among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds over to the principals. Isn't that what democracy is all about -- letting people make their own decisions?

Well at least W's 35-page book means he can't claim he has a "secret plan to end the war."


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