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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Peace, love and understanding

One thing you can count on from Theocons is that they offer a sense of goodwill to all men. Take these two stories as examples.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino has been forced to defend his Catholicism and beliefs by the zealots who proclaim they know what is right for all people to belief. For example:
''This is a tragedy. This is a very sad day for Catholic Charities," said C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League. ''It's very disturbing to have Catholic Charities honor the mayor, when he's spent his whole career working against Catholic principles."
Mr. Doyle, what are those actions? Believing in a woman's right to choose? Believing that all people should be treated with respect and dignity despite their sexual preferences?

Or this little gem from Bill Cotter, who the Globe should have identified as a leader of Operation Rescue, that "pro-life organization that condones the murder of people who disagree with them.
Catholic groups ''need to maintain their integrity" by following the church's moral teachings. Cotter said.
Just like John Salvi?

Or the warm and fuzzy words Elaine Donnelly, president of the conservative Center for Military Readiness, which has opposed gays in the military and women serving in combat roles. She takes on a whole institution without the benefits of supporting facts.
'Implementation of a self- interested Wellesley proposal could create a new job market for women's studies graduates schooled in man-hating ideology," she told the Globe.
Or the ever forgiving Phyllis Schafly.
''Wellesley is doubly bad because it is completely feminist," Schlafly said in an interview. ''The whole thing is a taxpayer-funded operation to establish the notion that men are natural batterers and women are victims and women are always right and men are always wrong."
And liberals are haters? "Mumbles" Menino has never been more eloquent.


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