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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rummy, W and Vice

Perhaps those are the guys the psy-ops folks had in mind for the Three Stooges-based program they thought about to tell the Arab population of the Mideast that America has the freedom and openness the should emulate.

In some ways, this is getting old: we know the Bush administration holds the concepts of freedom of speech, press and religion in contempt. Paying for news is old hat for these guys.

And there is indeed nothing wrong, as noted, with psychological operations (propaganda or disinformation for those less-clued in):
"Psychological operations are an essential part of warfare, more so in the electronic age than ever," said Lt. Col. Charles A. Krohn, a retired Army spokesman and journalism professor. "If you're going to invade a country and eject its government and occupy its territory, you ought to tell people who live there why you've done it. That requires a well-thought-out communications program."
Two problems: How well thought out is this when the idea is to use American "cultural icons" like the Stooges and The Onion and two, why is it that everyone except the American public knows?
A former Lincoln employee said the ploy of making the articles appear to be written by Iraqis by removing any American fingerprints was not very effective. "Many Iraqis know it's from Americans," he said.
The old lawyer's rule is never ask a question you don't know the answer to. So the Bush administration must have known the answer to the query: "just how stupid do you think the American people are?"


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