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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Snowball rolling downhill

So everything you did is legal, right George? Tell it to the judge.

The decision (at least we think the so) of James Robertson to resign from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in protest of the Bush administration's decision to bypass it is another sign of the soundness of the legal opinions of Alberto Gonzalez and the Justice Department.

Now before the Theocons make it partisan by saying Robertson was appointed by Bill Clinton, let's note that while Clinton put him on the bench, William Rehnquist made the FISC appointment. In other words, Judge Robertson displayed characteristics missing from Bush appointments: backbone and a devotion to the rule of law.

But hey, if Dick Cheney says its legal, that should be good enough for us.

A small but slowly growing group of senators, from both parties, seem to be developing backbones when it comes to the outlandish and illegal bullying tactics of our Supreme Commander and his sidekick George.

At its heart, this is but one more episode in a power grab by an administration that does not respect or defend the Constitution of the United States, despite what they swear to on a Bible.

Wasn't that failure to uphold an oath the excuse used to impeach Bill Clinton -- over a cigar?


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