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Friday, January 27, 2006

Because I said so

Like a parent dealing with a petulant child, W is telling the nation to eat its broccoli (even if Dad hates it), make its bed and don't talk back. He knows what's best for us and gosh darn, we'd better listen.

In the space of one news conference, W told us he knows that his "domestic surveillance" is legal, no matter what the lawyers say; that he's keeping his pictures with Jack Abramoff private because they'd only be used for political purposes; and that what FEMA and the White House knew and when they knew it prior to Katrina ravaging New Orleans is nobody's business, especially not Congress.

The depth and breadth of his arrogance is truly astounding to behold. Dana Milbank of the Post labeled his attitude "l'etat, c'est moi," Louis XIV's breathtaking declaration that he was the state. Let's not forget that two Louis' later, Marie Antoinette's supposed utterance of "let the eat cake" contributed to an image that helped her to the guillotine.

And of course the highlight was the Harvard MBA declaring that, despite some very clear public concern over his domestic spying program, he was just going to keep on keeping on because he was convinced his efforts were legal. And of course, if you disagree, you are a traitor.

"But it's important for people to understand that this program is so sensitive and so important that if information gets out to how we run it or how we operate it, it'll help the enemy," he said. "Why tell the enemy what we're doing?"

And this is the man who ran on the promise of toning down the rhetoric? Oh yeah, it's one of his less harmful lies.

I'll be taking some time at an undisclosed location. I'll give Vice your regards.


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