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Sunday, January 08, 2006

DeLay tactics

Hey, hey, ho, ho, Termite Tommie's got to go. And he did.

But the suggestion that eliminating this walking unethical minefield clears the way for the GOP to breeze to victory in fall congressional election is, how shall we say this nicely, a bunch of hooey.

The former majority leader, who portrayed himself as the moral avenger of Democratic excess leaves such a stench that there's no amount of disinfectant to remove it. Three personal rebukes from a toothless ethics committee that he stacked and the pending trial in Texas related to his heavy-handed gerrymandering of the Texas congressional delegation; the guilty plea of former aide Michael Scanlon; the continued focus on crony Edwin Buckham; and of course the Abramoff connection -- from Tommie's own golfing trips to Scanlon to former Bush procurement chief David Safavian.

The stench has worked its way through the House: Duke Cunningham is gone and Bob Ney is Representative #1 in the eyes of prosecutors. They're also looking at John Doolittle (a good name for someone in this Congress, dontcha think?)

Yes, there are Democrats who took money from Jack and his minions, but this is a partisan scandal through and through. After all, let's look at Jack's good buddies: Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed. Democrat fans? I think not.

The one thing that stands in the way at this moment to a Democratic return to leadership in the House (other than their own natural inclination against leading, of course) is the way Termite Tommie stacked the deck to pick up five seats in Texas that look pretty good right now.

The facts are simple: the "compassionate conservatives" who took office in the wake of the Clinton "scandals" they largely manufactured have not brought moral purity. Rather, they have presided over the largest wave of corruption to hit Washington in a generation. This makes the House banking scandal small time.

And of course this morally reprehensible behavior doesn't even begin to get into the lies of the Bush administration. Just who are the moral leaders anyway?


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