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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Desperate Homophobes?

The apparent decision by Walt Disney to cancel a reality TV series in which a gay couple moves into an Austin, Texas neighborhood once again gives lie to the concept of the liberal media.

The Disney folks practices self-censorship in the most blatant form by canceling "Welcome to the Neighborhood" before it ever aired -- ostensibly to be sure it didn't rile the Religious Right. That of course, would have prevented the lifting of the Right's boycott of Disney Land and Disney World, because, horror of horrors, the parks tolerate gays.

And more to the point, it would have put the kibosh on Disney's plans to rake in the bucks from the Christian Right favorite, "The Chronicles of Narnia."

The TV series surely would have outraged the Right all right. According to the Times, when all was said and done, the most outspoken homophobe in the neighborhood before the family moved in had changed his tune. Wouldn't want that lesson out there when the Hate Wing is gearing up for another assault on gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Well, I'm just one person, but I personally will boycott Disney for its quaking reaction to hateful intimidation and its decision to self censor.


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