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Monday, January 09, 2006

No on Alito

With the hearings about to begin on a Supreme Court nominee likely to change the face of the court and the country for a long time, it's time to be counted. And given the fact the National Security Agency is probably counting this blog -- and would be allowed to legally do so by an Alito Court -- that vote should be No.

The crux of this decision should not be a woman's right to choose -- as important as that right is. Focusing on Alito' s Roe v. Wade position is likely to be fruitless because his murder board practices should have armed him with perfect obfuscations where answers should. We know where he stands, as Louise Day Hicks said about her position on busing.

What is of equal concern is Alito's apparent penchant to give the executive unfettered power, eliminating an important check and balance and turning the government into two branches.

Think about it. If Samuel Alito had been on the Supreme Court the Pentagon Papers would not have been published and Daniel Ellsberg would still be rotting in jail; Watergate would have been a blip on the screen, the doctrine of executive privilege to hide executive lawbreaking solid as a rock. The president could lock up whoever he wants wherever he wants for however he wants and ignore any law Congress passes (oops, he's doing that already).

Alito represents the transition of our government from representative government to monarchy (or worse). He should not be allowed to take a seat on the Court.


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