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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some things never change

Take a couple of weeks off and you can rest assured some things will never change: the GOP's latest favorite is Jack, We Hardly Knew Ye; Termite Tommie remains unrepentant, even in the face of damning, if vengeful criticism; and Vice and the Evidence continue to conflict.

Watching the rats scurry away from Jack Abramoff is hardly shocking. Nobody is more radioactive in Washington than someone in trouble with the media, prosecutors or both. And not just those scorned by the Hasidic Hustler. The Post's Howie Kurtz has a fine rundown of those defenders of morality on the right (at least when it came to Bill Clinton) who have turned mute. Ditto for Jack Shafer in Slate, who can't help but notice the silence at the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Meanwhile, as the noose continues to tighten around the neck of Abramoff's chum the Evangelical Avenger, who will maintain his innocence to the day the jail door slams shut behind him, a few Republicans appear to be developing a backbone.

There's no shortage of irony that the spark for this mini-profile in a sort of courage is none other than the man who started it all, Newt Gingrich. Of course it does appear a bit unsettling to hear the Newtster appear so pious while forgetting his own run-ins with the ethics police.

And of course there's Vice, firm to the end that those nasty Dems would allow Osama to blow us all up if it weren't for the courage of W. in standing up to those punks who think the we shouldn't sacrifices our beliefs in the pursuit of maintaining them. And what do those congressional wimps know anyway? Maybe something?


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