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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Was he wearing a black beret?

I'm sure they're not as dramatic as the pictures of Bill and Monica on a rope line, but doesn't this sentence strike you as a tad hypocritical?
"Trying to say there's more to it than the president taking a picture in a photo line is just absurd," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters.
The mouthpiece-in-chief was referring, of course, to the rationalization of why the Bush administration withheld photographers of W and Jack Abramoff.

If only these guys ran a government as well as they run political damage control. Take that from someone who knows:
Jennifer Palmieri, a former Clinton communications aide, said, "If TV is showing a picture of George Bush and Jack Abramoff, it immediately brings the poster boy for abuse into the Oval Office."
And memo to Frank Abramoff, the grandfather defending his grandchild against the words of George Clooney: How do you think Chelsea Clinton felt? And can we assume your son was among the leaders in saying vicious things?


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