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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What was he smoking?

Let me get this straight: the Bush Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service impeded special prosecutor David Barrett's effort to nail Henry Cisneros on tax evasion charges?

That is the essence of the report ending a decade-long, $21 million look into Cisneros' foolish decision to pay off a mistress. The special prosecutor continued his investigation more than six years after Cisneros copped a plea to a misdemeanor.

The investigation also continued for five full years of the Bush Administration and a legal and tax hierarchy that would be presumed to be predisposed to investigating Clintonites (while ignoring the cesspool that is a Republican Congress.)

The idea that Bush appointees would spare a Clinton official is one of the most laughable ideas I have ever heard. And all it cost taxpayers was $21 million. Quite a bargain compared to the Starr report.


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