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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cheney & Associates -- PR

We know Dick Cheney must be in the market for a job, being a lame duck and all. Not sure Halliburton will take him back, even if he has been one of their best rainmakers. So what's the Veep got up his sleeve? Public relations of course.

The media-adverse image is all a charade. Deadeye Dick knows how to manipulate with the best of the flaks. Let's look at this scenario.

After the National Journal (sub. required) reports that Scooter testified that he was "authorized" by his "superiors" to disclose classified information, the boys in the bunker knew they needed a diversion. After a few seconds, Vice exclaimed, [sarcasm alert] "I know. I'll shoot my friend, stonewall, then give it to the local papers and tick the Washington press corps off royally."

Quickly, the plan was put into place, so quickly in fact, that no one bothered to tell W, not that this was a new occurrence. And it worked like a charm.

The White House press corps, which never met a gaffe it couldn't pursue at the expense of serious policy issues, was in high dundgeon, offended that the puny Corpus Christi Caller-Times got the story of the millennium.

The Right Wingnuts, led by Rush, Billy O and the boys, swung into gear, proclaiming the media as out of control by pumping up a nothing story, Heck, vice presidents shoot people every two hundred years.

That only inflamed the White House press gang even more, prompting them to find their best hunting togs to wax eloquent on the subject of hunting protocol. Cheney & Associates had an answer for that too -- let's go on Fox News Channel, the wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP, Inc.

There, with Brit Hume -- one of the few reporters to be open about his (conservative) politics -- Vice did the standard mea culpa. OK, so he was a few days late, but let's look at the results.

By creating a diversion -- giving the story to the local press -- Cheney sent the White House press corps in the wrong direction, away from the really damaging questions about what did he know, when did he know it and who did he "authorize" to tell it.

And best of all, Cheney & Associates pulled off a double play, Not only did they bump Scooter clear out the paper, they knocked Michael "Heck of a Job" Chertoff back to the classifieds with the story about FEMA's incompetence in dealing with Katrina.

Can't wait for this group to open on K Street. Get in line now.


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