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Monday, February 20, 2006

Know any good lawyers?

Slowly but surely, reporters are starting to wake up and produce a slow drip of stories revealing the outlines of the Bush administration's illegalities.

Coming hard on the heels of the latest round of Abu Ghraib torture images comes word a civilian Pentagon lawyer, described by his colleagues as "not a door kicker," raised polite questions about the legality of the military policy toward prisoners at Guantanamo and in Iraq.

At the same time, the Bushies who arrogantly insisted the equivalent of "we don't need no stinkin' badges" in testifying about their domestic spying operation are having some second thoughts.

After snookering Arlen Specter, the Bush boys are finding some resistance to their bald-faced assertions, including Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. It's getting hard for W, Vice and Rummy to blame this on unpatriotic Democrats.

It's way too soon to say we are seeing a fall of the house of (Andy) cards erected by this administration. The Rove slime machine remains intact, so far, and the confirmation hearing of Samuel Alito told us all we need to know about his position of "my president uber alles" if these questions come before the Supreme Court.

Still, you can't help but get the feeling that when you throw all of this into the mix with FEMA incompetence so monumental even Joe Lieberman turns on the administration that there's a change in the air.


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