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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rolling snowballs

The sound you hear is the snowball picking up speed as it rolls downhill and into the web of secrecy called the White House.

In the distance you can hear the bloviated calls of the Right Wing Chorus, denouncing those gol' durn liberals for making such a big deal of a loyal NRA member accidentally blasting as fellow card-carrying disciple of Charlton Heston. But its the onrushing snowball that will soon drown everything out.

What did the President know and when did he know it? A White House press corps that could not ask a tough question about WMDs is aflame with questions about Triggerman Dick Cheney and his ill-fated meet-up with a quail disguised as Harry Whittington.

Well, my red-faced friends on the Right, here's how the Washington Post describes what makes this story so juicy.
In what one official described as a break with the White House practice of disclosing such high-level mishaps immediately, Cheney waited more than 14 hours after the shooting to disclose it publicly.
Think Chappaquiddick. It took Vice six hours longer to report the incident to the police than it took Ted Kennedy to report his car going off the narrow bridge. Teddy's carelessness left a woman dead. Cheney's put a man into the intensive care unit. Oh, and Vice also didn't bother to pay for his hunting license but a $7 check is in the mail.

The run-in with a quail has become the apt metaphor of the Bush White House. Actually, a stonewall would be the best symbol. This is a bunch of people with a contempt for truth and honesty that makes Dick Nixon look trustworthy.

FISA-less wiretaps that fly in the face of the very freedom we are trying to protect. Bad intelligence trumped up to look good to serve as justification for a rush to war. A bungled response to a natural disaster by an administration that ran a fear and smear campaign less than a year earlier that trumpeted its ability to keep us safe.

This is just a short list of the ways the Bush administration's lack of openness and honesty (or the ability to shoot straight) has led this nation down the wrong path. Each and every time they are faced with a challenge to their competence, they fire back at their critics with charges tantamount to treason. Reasoned, civil discussion is not part of the Rove game plan. Nor is the truth.

So is it any wonder that an incident so comical (except to Whittington, who thankfully will also get a chance to laugh about it), handled in the usual ham-handed, inept, double-barreled shotgun manner of the Bush-Cheney team, would get so much attention.

Here's the ultimate laugh line: this is the gang that couldn't shoot straight.


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