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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The state we're in

Mitt Romney is in South Carolina, trying out for the White House while insisting as always that he's campaigning for someone else. Christy Mihos is trying to figure how he is going to run for the Corner Office -- Republican on independent. Chris Gabrieli, left at the altar by Tom Reilly is trying to figure out whether revenge would be sweet. Reilly is trying to figure out how he could blow up his campaign so quickly.

Ah, Massachusetts politics.

It is hard to fathom how THE majority party (at least among those registered by party and certainly by legislative majorities and a congressional monopoly) could be so dazed and confused. But it is. Will Rogers said it best: "I am not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat." But this is ridiculous.

Romney, freed from the shackles of pretense that he was doing a job, is running around the country in search of a new one. Given the fractures developing in the GOP over the lies of the Bush administration, it's possible a new face would be attractive.

But as we here in Massachusetts know, there's no there there. An empty suit with an empty record of accomplishment, whose biggest asset is the claim he won as a conservative in liberal Massachusetts (of course he wasn't THAT conservative when he ran four years ago...)

The bust of the Romney administration should be the spark to get a Democrat back into the Corner Office after losing four straight elections. So let's look at the tape:
  • Reilly, who listens to no one, botched a symbolic gesture in picking a "running mate" without doing even the most basic of due diligence in vetting records;
  • Deval Patrick, who soared from far back to even based on Reilly's meltdown did win a nice victory in the caucuses, which means he has the left sown up. Which we already knew. But there's been little (apparent) movement to reach out to the suburban voters who control Massachusetts elections and he is open to counterattack from a wounded Reilly;
  • Gabrieli, a nice guy with deep pockets and an electoral track record that means he works best in the background, is making noises that sound most like trying to settle scores with Reilly who snubbed him for Marie St. Fleur.
  • Mihos is weighing his options with a team that includes someone who has been prominent in Democratic political circles -- Lou DiNatale.
A recipe for Kerry Healey if I ever saw one.

Memo to Phil Johnston: It's time sit folks down and decide what's right for a state that needs a leader in the Corner Office. Then put together a game plan. If you don't it's just a matter of time before a lot of folks will be calling 800-JOE-4OIL. And we don't want that, now do we?


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