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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Take another little piece of my heart

Maybe Dick Cheney can volunteer to give Harry Whittington his hear if awful things continue to happen to the Texas attorney in the wake of his excellent adventure with the Veep. No check that, it wouldn't work.

But maybe someone in the GOP hierarchy can give Vice a brain transplant for his politically suicidal decision to remain silent in the wake of the bird shots heard 'round the world.

Make no mistake, this has gotten a lot more serious than the initial story when it seemed the only injuries involved dignity and pride. Hopefully the medical implications to Whittington will be short-lived.

The political tone deafness of Deadeye Dick however remains a marvel to behold. Even if he isn't running for another office, there are a whole bunch of Republicans already nervous about this administration's impact on them.

And when Bush loyalists like Marlin Fitzwater and Ari Fleischer go public in their criticism of Vice you know there's political storm rising.

And the eye of that storm is the botched quail hunt as a metaphor for the incompetence and arrogance of the Bush administration in its ability to do things right -- and its refusal to admit to any mistakes.

It's hard to guess which way this one will go. Political logic and common sense suggest Cheney has to emerge from the bunker long enough to address this publicly. An apology and explanation, however insincere it may be, is necessary to avoid the daily battering of Scott McClellan and relentless focus on the subject. As has been proven time and again, the political press corps is absolutely fixated on gaffes.

No doubt there's digging under way to see whatever else can be found about Cheney's hunting prowess, aided and abetted by what I now see is the spin that I and others fell for that Whittington is responsible for his own fate.

But Cheney is so convinced he is better than any mere mortal that there is a very real chance he will refuse to step up to the plate. The gaffe search will continue. Rush and his syncophants will continue to howl. And I will continue to think up bad puns.


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