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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trust me

Let's see now -- Saudis and other Islamic fundamentalists exploited security lapses to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Bush administration promises to make us secure, then ignores warning of a natural disaster named Katrina. Islamic country purchases right to run six US ports, including New Orleans, despite fears that the ports are no more secure today than they were on 9-11.

Faced with this sets of facts, W digs his heels in, says I'm right you're wrong and I'll veto anything you do to try to change things. Oops, one problem: he knew nothing about what he was talking about.

Adding a strange and somewhat twisted humorous twist to the saga: Arabs think we're phobic about them. Ya think?

After 9-11, and all the attendant fear and smear tactics of Rove and company, consider these words:
"This didn't rise to the presidential level," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters at the daily briefing.
The question becomes why a decision to sell six American ports -- facilities that are the entry point for all sorts of good, services and people from all parts of the world that generally hate us -- should not rise to the presidential level when the company making the purchase is based in the most hostile area of the world to U.S. interests.

Stonewall McClellan's "assurance" that operational control does not equal security control does not ring true. Who will do the hiring and firing of personnel, including security? If it is the company, then ipso facto they control security.

But frankly the issue goes beyond the facts of the case. The issue is the Bush administration follows the principle of say one thing and do another. Who can forget the venom with which Deadeye Dick accused John Kerry of being such a fluff that we would most assuredly be attacked again if voters elected him.

This is the administration that then let its guard down on one of the most natural disasters to hit the United States; that still hasn't accounted for its failings and still insists that everything would be fine if they only had a little warning (just like when terrorists warn us?)

And if we ever needed more proof about a hands-off, incurious "leader" than W, here it is. The administration that places security above all -- but has failed to do anything to improve port security -- didn't think this rose to the presidential level.

Why? Because they are no deep ocean ports in Red States (except Louisiana and New Orleans is shot anyway)? Because there are no ports in the Bible Belt? Or because this administration is just plain incompetent?


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