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Monday, February 13, 2006

With friends like these...

I've waited to do this because it's sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, er, make that quail in a blind.

Vice has finally copped to the fact he's a bad shot (and who knows maybe a bad speller too. Maybe he was shooting for Quayle?) Two days of keeping the truth in an undisclosed location and the Veep's peeps are finally forced to admit to what a local newspaper found out all by itself -- Dick Cheney does more than shoot his mouth off, he shoots his friends.

Yes, it was an accident and yes, as I understand the etiquette of hunting the victim deserves some of the blame because he didn't announce his presence (what was he supposed to say? Duck?)

But once more we have the issue of the veracity of our nation's "leaders." It's not weapons of mass destruction stuff (though in the Veep's hands, who knows? And why couldn't he be shooting as Osama?)

But it is deceptive to say everything is hunky-dory when the victims spends time in an intensive care unit. That's not treated and released.

Scott "Stonewall" McClellan was, as usual, left to take the heat for the mysterious Veep, who has a real aversion to speaking an any location where he is not surrounded by friends (and if he continues to shoot them, well...) I could almost start feeling sorry for Scott.

But there is no sympathy for Bush and his cronies because of their sheer, unabiding arrogance when it comes to the truth. Whether the issue is Katrina records, WMDs, drunken driving records and military service, this administration seems to be into the full coverup mode.

Everything is a secret or executive privilege or unimportant for the American public. The stark refusal to be honest about anything finally caught up to Bill Clinton and it should have long overtaken W and Vice.

Maybe there will be a lesson here. Fudging on this has made it a far larger story than if they had come clean. Then again, I don't believe these people learn (and who did authorize Scooter to out Valerie Plame?)

Stay tuned!


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