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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flip flop, flip flop

The term flip flopper is usually applied to liberals. Conservatives have firm beliefs, liberals pander, so they say. Apparently no one has met Mitt Romney, whose flopped so far to the right he's in danger of falling off the map.

The former governor of Massachusetts (OK, he has about a year left but he's been gone quite awhile already) took yet another step toward his run for the White House (polite demurrals on Fox Sunday News notwithstanding).

You may recall the elected "leader" of the Commonwealth has made us the punchline of his tour of GOP hotspots in South Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa (he's not running for president, remember?) Vegan at a beef eaters convention or some such drollery.

But the man of action has also flopped on issues like abortion (first he's choice, now he's "pro-life). Of course he has been true to his Mormon roots by declaring marriage is between and man and a woman and that he's against gay marriage.

So it would be only natural that his next step on the Pander Express is to flip flop on the issue of gay adoption. First you say so you, then you don't. They you say you will, then you won't.

Careful Mitt. You're actually following in some liberal footsteps on this one. Care to reconsider?


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