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Friday, March 10, 2006

Guess who blinked?

OK, so maybe George does know when to cut and run after all.

Faced with a revolt from the meek flock of lambs known as the Republican Congress George Dubai Bush backed down on his insistence that the administration and done due diligence when it selected Dubai Ports World to manage our coastal entry points.

Don't know which is more shocking -- Congress showing some backbone or Dubai maintaining his perfect record of never vetoing legislation.

This latest sorry episode in the sorry history of this administration will have no terms implications -- beyond anything Democrats might be able to do with it. George Dubai's' hypocritical rhetoric about opponents being anti-Muslim aside, this is yet another source of inflammation between cultures which don't understand each other and don't want to try.

And here's an interesting take -- one that suggests our economy could suffer as the foreign investors who buy up our bonds to finance the massive Bush deficit opt not to put their dollars in a zenophbic country.

Way to go Dubai.


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