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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Have it my way

Gotta love Mitt Romney, the (former) governor of Massachusetts. Always looking out for the best interests of the people who elected him.

Well, maybe I'm being too harsh here. In his desire to pander to the right wing nuts who decide the Republican presidential nomination, the Mittser is trying to defend deadbeat Massachusetts corporations while also trying to take credit for something, anything that happened on his watch.

The case in point is health care, and Romney's fear that making firms pay something, anything for the health care provided their employees will harm him the rabid right's eyes. Thankfully legislative and responsible business leaders who have done the hard work toward compromise are not buying it.

The proposed assessments of $62 per employee on firms that provide health insurance and $295 per employee on those who do not is an effort to make sure everyone -- individual and corporation -- pays a piece of the massive health care pie. Right now, companies that don't provide insurance leave their employees at the mercy of Mass Health or the free care pool. Put another way, the taxpayers pick up the tab for these deadbeat companies.

The fees -- along with a proposal to require everyone, including the healthy young, to buy insurance if they can afford it -- is an effort to spread the pain. But of course, in the No New Taxes (or is that No Newt Axes?) GOP World, everyone doesn't include the corporate world.

Romney will probably veto any compromise that emerges, then claim credit. It's a tactic that has worked time and again for George Bush.

And this kind of flip flop (much like his one constantly changing position on gay adoption) should not come as much of a surprise. This is a crowd that can't be honest about anything -- including political ambitions.

Hey, Mitt why don't you just drag that other foot out of the Corner Office and let us get on with being a state with some leadership.


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