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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's about the lies

George Bush laments that people aren't seeing the success stories in Iraq because of the constant car bombings and assassinations. Well, duh.

And even if you can get past the daily images of a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis -- killing themselves and the American soldiers there to separate them -- there's the other reality. The duly elected government of Iraq is behaving like our own, incapable of getting past religious-based partisan bickering and doing what's right for the country.

Then there's the heart of the matter. Leaving aside for the moment the potential for the success stories to be fleeting, why SHOULD we believe anything W and his minions tell us?

There's the laughable litany of false statements from W, Deadeye and Rummy about how victory, much like Herbert Hoover's promise of opportunity, is right around the corner. There's the less than laughable cases of lies in the pursuit of spin or image, like the death of Pat Tillman. And there's the work of the Freaking Bumblers and Incompetents (FBI).

The Iraq War was based on a pack of lies -- WMDs, Hussein conspired with Osama about 9-11 being the highlights. It has been pursued and justified with a continuing pack of lies and other legal violations, such as illegal wiretapping of American citizens. Some of the most egregious lies have also been the demeaning and disparaging of people who exercise their right to disagree.

So W, look in the mirror when you express frustration that the success stories aren't getting out through the filter of the bad news imposed by the media. Wipe that damn smug smirk off your face, give praise that Congress is too corrupt to impeach you for lying the way they did Bill Clinton and think about how your sins will haunt you in your after life.

How do you sleep?


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