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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Memo to John: Don't do it

John Kerry is thinking about another run for president. So he's running for president before he doesn't run for president, then is running again?

Yes, the Democratic Party has a bad history of eating its young and shunting off one-time losers into oblivion after they have gained the knowledge they need to win. But John Forbes Kerry was a flawed candidate, is a flawed candidate and will always be a flawed candidate.

The magnitude of his flaws and failings will make him a target of Leno, Letterman and Stewart -- not to mention a GOP desperately searching for a life preserver.

Add to that the perception among the right wing nuts who operate the slime machine that Mitt Romney is not conservative enough:
''I thought he was outstanding and he's definitely running" for president, said Era Jennings, a Republican activist from Jackson, Miss. ''But I just think someone from Massachusetts doesn't have that much of a chance. I really don't know how he could do it. He's very dedicated, but just being from that state -- the party is just not ready."
Bad enough Mitt will make us the butt of bad jokes by people from "that state" before losing. John you've done enough on that score. Run for re-election before we decide we have had enough of you, period.


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