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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mihos musings

Christy Mihos' decision to run as an independent adds a new wrinkle to the governor's race -- as long as he doesn't self-destruct too early.

The biggest loser in his decision to reject Kerry Healey's offer to allow him on the ballot is Healey herself. The offer to guarantee him 15 percent of the convention delegates was a reflection of her belief she could take him in a primary where the party is dominated by Romney-Healey loyalists.

Mihos' decision to go independent -- should he get the signatures -- adds a third name in November and one that could take away votes from Healey. And there is a strong sentiment that a solid independent could do well among Massachusetts voters, who actually do skew, by registration, to the unenrolled or independent label.

That Hurt Healey scenario assumes the Democrats emerge with a nominee who has not been beaten about the head by his opponent -- always a dubious assumption in this state. But it would give a wounded Democrat a little extra cover to recuperate in the short window between the September primary and the general election.

It also assumes the Mihos doesn't commit political suicide by tongue. Mihos stepped on his own message with a premature slip one day before a formal announcement. It could be argued he bought an extra day of attention (and a front page story) but it also reveals a certain lack of discipline.

The bad one-liners about his wife also reveal a brain and tongue that need better coordination.

Tom Reilly has made some seriously flawed decisions but is given good odds at surviving because of better name recognition and a track record. Mihos doesn't have that cushion.

(Oh, and kudos to Joan Vennochi and remember you read it here first :-))


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