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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not playing with a full deck

One less Card in the administration, but that's not going to change things a great deal.

Andy Card was the Quiet Man, the person who made the White House trains run on time. As long as Karl Rove remains in the West Wing nothing is going to change policy wise. Josh Bolten may as well be Josh Lyman as far as the change he will bring to an administration that is tired, out of ideas (and long since out of moral principles).

There was obviously quick speculation that Andy would come home and run for governor. Why? Kerry Healey has a better than even chance of winning the Corner Office. Card has been away from home for a long time and he is definitely not the same man who teamed up with current Democratic State Committee Chairman Phil Johnston to fight corruption. That Andy Card was a moderate idealist. He's long gone.

And check out Jon Keller's analysis of what Card's departure could mean to Massachusetts. It's a frightening but accurate scenario.


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