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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Unmaking of the President

The signs continue to mount that this administration is quacking like a seriously lame duck.

The polls are one sign -- Bush's popularity is sinking faster than a ship in port and even Republicans are abandoning him on as he holds his breath and turns blue about port security.

Then there's a classic dodge for presidents under fire at home -- leave the country. Of course India and Pakistan are not likely to be as welcoming as the tight security at Bagram. Will he take in some torture while he's in country? Will he enjoy the street life of New Delhi? Is there a stop scheduled with Osama in Pakistan?

But then there's the classic image -- rats leaving a sinking ship. The massive ports miscalculation, coming on the heels of illegal domestic spying, the nightmare of Medicare Part D, the horrific failures and fingerpointing of Katrina, the coming civil war in Iraq are causing Republicans to abandon Bush a lot quicker than Deadeye Dick admits shooting his friends.

Maybe George is lining up a post-White House job in an Indian call center?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Shrub's numbers are dropping. Yes, he's encountering resistance within his own party. Yes, the "librul media" is finally starting, just barely, to point out the Emperor's new threads just might possibly, maybe, aren't the greatest ... sort of. And then on bended knee kisses the ring begging forgiveness.

In the mean time, Halliburton gets compensated for wasting the public treasury, a lawyer apologizes for getting shot and so on. Patriot Act is up for reauthoriziation. Wonder what will happen?

Each revelation of High Crimes and Misdemeanors does nothing to stop BushCo. When will they be held accountable, 2004?

My point is, they don't stop. They're like the Terminator, or that annoying drum-banging rabbit. Sure, there might be the occasional "setback" where things don't go perfectly, but they don't play a one note theme.

The blowout orchestrated for their constituents (big awl, big pharma, big polluters, et al) is a symphony of distraction and destruction. There's only three years left and they have miles to go before they sleep, or in this case retire to the lecture circuit and corporate chairmanships.


March 01, 2006 1:09 PM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

I wish I could come up with some snappy way of saying your too pessimistic, or wrong. I can't, unfortunately. You are all too right that no one, ceratainly not Congress, is going to stop them. Well at least I could enjoy the moment!

March 01, 2006 6:57 PM  

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