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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Delayed reaction

How could I possibly not find the time to gloat?

Smarmy and dishonest to the end, Tommy the Termite did what every failed pol does when confronted with reality -- blamed someone else. Sure Tommy, it was my fault that crimes took place in your office under nose (ever-growing I might add with this whopper). And shame on us for not seeing what a wonderful meeting you took for five minutes during a week-long, all expense-paid golf trip paid for by a convicted felon.

In the end, this won't be about Ronnie Earle either. Face it Tommy Boy, you are a raging hypocrite who professes to be a god-fearing compassionate man but who, in reality, is a two-bit thief who ripped off taxpayers.

Enjoy the time I'm sure you will be spending at the public's expense. Hope it's not in a Club Fed facility but someplace you can mingle with the pests you used to kill for a living.


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