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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Had enough yet?

I don't even know where to start: Scott McClellan's pathetic flip-flopping on when George Bush declassified a National Intelligence Estimate and for what purpose? The internecine warfare that uses immigration as a pawn for destructive pandering to the hard right base? Or the mindless name-calling of soon-to-be convicted felon Tom Delay and his erstwhile "colleagues?"

I know -- I'll look at the shameless syncophony of the right wing blogosphere, ignoring facts and their own history in protecting Bush for the same sort of "crimes" they trumped up against Bill Clinton. Nah, too easy. Others have been there already.

I got it -- I'll retreat to celebrity trash (accent on trash). (Are you surprised it is the Rupert Murdoch-Fox News-Bill O'Reilly-New York Post orbit?)

The overreach of the ayatollahs of the right -- polluting politics, journalism and plain old civic discourse has reached intolerable levels. Al Franken was correct in talking about the lying liars, whether they go by the name of Limbaugh, O'Reilly, McClellan, Cheney or Bush.

Yes, there are Democrats who should be left in a curbside can on pickup day, and those who probably should make reservations. But none of this comes close to matching the misdeeds of Abramoff, DeLay and his acolytes or Rummy, Deadeye Dick, Scooter or W.

What's significant is not that Bush's ratings have fallen into the 30s. It's the fact that 30-something percent of the American public is either too corrupt or too stupid to appreciate how far we have fallen since 9-11, when the world sympathized and respected America.

What's the solution? Beats me. So I suppose I'll just get away from it all by taking in a baseball game. No controversy there. No politics. Right?


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