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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm the law around here

George Bush is setting new standards for lawbreaking, according to the Boston Globe.

In an in-depth look at the quality and quantity of the "signing statements," the Globe hits on little (if-ever) discussed reason why George Bush has never vetoes a bill. He doesn't have to. If he doesn't like it, he ignores it.

Bush's reasoning -- that he is best suited to interpret the Constitution -- flies in the face of the basic American democracy: President proposes, Congress disposes and the courts interpret. I is one more reason that the Congress should hang its collective head in shame for the abdication of its own constitutional perogatives.

Complaints about government arrogance and the abuse of power are a frequent campaign ploy from the right. In fact, they are among the most prolific power abusers.

Is this what they have in mind for Iraq and the rest of the Mideast?


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